HanuMan: The Success Story that Transcends Petty Disputes

The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce recently held an Executive Committee Meeting to address several important matters. However, one issue seemed to take center stage during the meeting. It was the topic of imposing penalties on exhibitors who failed to screen the highly anticipated film “HanuMan” during the Sankranthi Festival, despite previously signing agreements.

During the meeting, the distributors of “HanuMan” expressed their dissatisfaction with the exhibitors who had breached their agreements. The discussion quickly turned into a heated argument, forcing the chamber heads to intervene and calm the situation.

The executive committee, composed of 47 members from various sectors including studios, producers, distributors, and exhibitors, regularly convenes to address important issues within the film industry. While the distributors of “HanuMan” had the right to raise their concerns, the alleged guilty exhibitors claimed they were under pressure to prioritize another film, which led them to disregard “HanuMan” from January 12 onwards.

Despite the ongoing dispute between the distributors and exhibitors, “HanuMan” proved to be a monumental success at the box office. The socio-fantasy film has amassed an impressive net collection of over Rs 65 crores in the two Telugu states.

While the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce has significant funds amounting to Rs 8 to 10 crore, these funds cannot be utilized to settle disputes between distributors and exhibitors. The chamber’s resources are primarily meant to address healthcare issues and personal emergencies of its members, rather than compensating for minor disagreements.

The success of “HanuMan” transcends these petty disputes and serves as a testament to the film’s quality and mass appeal. It has captivated audiences and achieved remarkable success, proving once again the power of a well-crafted story combined with exceptional performances.

Veelgestelde vragen:

1. Wat was het onderwerp van discussie tijdens de Executive Committee Meeting van de Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce?
2. Waarover waren de distributeurs van “HanuMan” ontevreden tijdens de vergadering?
3. Wie zijn de leden van het uitvoerend comité?
4. Wat was de reden voor de exhibitors om “HanuMan” niet te screenen tijdens het Sankranthi Festival?
5. Was “HanuMan” een succesvolle film?
6. Waar worden de fondsen van de Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce voornamelijk voor gebruikt?
7. Wat vormt het bewijs voor het succes van “HanuMan”?


1. Exhibitors: personen of bedrijven die films vertonen in bioscopen of theaters.
2. Sankranthi Festival: een festival dat wordt gevierd in India, ter gelegenheid van de oogst.
3. Net collection: het totale bedrag dat een film heeft opgebracht na aftrek van belastingen en andere kosten.
4. Telugu states: verwijst naar de staten Andhra Pradesh en Telangana in India.
5. Soci-fantasy film: een filmgenre dat elementen combineert van sociale drama’s en fantasie.

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